Are you experiencing the following issues? 



  •  NDT (no dial tone) 

  • Noisy or crackling on the line

  • Extension(s) not working 

  • Phone not ringing when called 

  • Constant ringing when called 

  •  Line sounds quiet/unable to hear the other person 

  • Or simply you have either accidentally damaged your phone socket or cut through a phone cable in your premises.



 If you have reported this to your service provider they will test your line for you and advise you of the result and what they believe to be the issue.


In my experience the result will normally be 'line test ok' and your service provider will insist the fault is your responsibility and ask you to carry out certain tasks involving your master socket. This is involves unscrewing 2 screws at the front and pulling off the lower section. This is basically to detach your own wiring and equipment and test directly out to the network outside.


This is not ideal for everyone to do as not everybody has the correct master socket or even know which socket is the master. Also i find lots of people are not happy to interfere with there sockets as they may cause more costly damage. I provide a cheaper alternative solution to your service provider sending out an engineer to investigate or fix your internal fault, which may incur a large charge.


I can also prove that the fault lies outside and not your responsibility, so you have piece of mind that when the engineer does arrive, you will be charged for there visit.


As a experienced ex BT engineer i have come across many faults in customers premises and have either been able to fix the problem or suggest an alternative solution.


Please contact me on 07532164004 to discuss any fault you have and i will do my best to help you.


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